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Data storage

Research Technologies delivers HIPAA-aligned secure file management, data storage, and archiving via high-quality storage services for fast access or large datasets. Data storage on disk includes Data Capacitor II, Data Capacitor Wide Area Network (WAN) II, and the Research File System. Data storage on tape for longevity use includes the Scholarly Data Archive.

  • Alfresco Share (now retired, click link for new options) - For storing and sharing research documentation.
  • Bioinformatics data transfer, storage, and reference data - Allows for online collaboration between researchers, sharing and editing of documents, calendaring, wiki, and discussion between team members.
  • Data Capacitor II - A large-capacity, high-throughput, high-bandwidth Lustre-based file system storage system for research computing.
  • Data Capacitor wide-area network - A large, high-speed data storage facility that lets researchers access remote data as if that data were stored locally, making it easy to share large amounts of data with researchers at multiple remote sites.
  • Indiana spatial data portal - Access to more than 30 terabytes of Indiana geospatial data
  • IU Cyberinfrastructure gateway - The one stop shopping portal for all IU central cyberinfrastructure.
  • IUScholarworks - A service to make the work of IU scholars freely available, preserved, and organized. The back-end was originally built by UITS Research Technologies. The service is hosted by the IU Libraries.
  • Polar Grid - CBRI provides onsite and offsite infrastructure for researchers in the Polar Grid program, which gathers multiple terabytes per year of data about polar ice sheet movements in the North and South Poles.
  • REDCap - An easy-to-use tool to create, use, and share research databases. It can create relational databases from spreadsheet data and a data dictionary, and provide data for download in SAS, R, SPSS, and Stata formats.
  • Research Database Support - The Research Database Complex supports Oracle and MySQL databases, and provides an environment for database-driven web applications focusing on research.
  • Research File System (RFS) - A spinning disk system which can be mounted on the desktop or accessed over the web or SFTP which supports active editing of files and documents.
  • Scholarly Data Archive (SDA) - A tape based archive storage system.