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Services for HIPAA compliant workflows

Research Technologies delivers services that have been subjected to a rigorous process to satisfy many of the HIPAA Security Rule requirements. Researchers can leverage them to achieve HIPAA compliance by implementing the remaining physical, administrative, and technical safeguards. Services include supercomputer for data analysis and simulation, high quality disk and archival data storage for fast access or large datasets, databases for storing structured data, and easy to use data management tools with options for data publishing. Help with how to implement end to end security to protect health information is also available.

  • Alfresco Share (now retired, click link for new options) for storing and sharing research documentation.
  • Big Red II supercomputer - Indiana University's main system for high-performance parallel computing, with pre-installed statistical tools such as SAS and SPSS.
  • Data Capacitor II - A large-capacity, high-throughput, high-bandwidth Lustre-based file system storage system for research computing.
  • Indiana Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) - Facilitates the translation of scientific discoveries in the lab into clinical trials and new patient treatments in Indiana and beyond.
  • Karst supercomputer - A high-throughput computing cluster, designed to deliver large amounts of processing capacity over long periods of time, with pre-installed statistical tools such as SAS and SPSS.
  • REDCap - An easy-to-use tool to create, use, and share research databases. It can create relational databases from spreadsheet data and a data dictionary, and provide data for download in SAS, R, SPSS, and Stata formats.
  • Research Database Support - The Research Database Complex supports Oracle and MySQL databases, and provides an environment for database-driven web applications focusing on research.
  • Research File System (RFS) - A spinning disk system which can be mounted on the desktop or accessed over the web or SFTP which supports active editing of files and documents.
  • Scholarly Data Archive (SDA) - A tape based archive storage system accessible via the web or SFTP on the desktop and via high speed HSI from the supercomputers.