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Science Gateways

Researchers and instructors benefit greatly from web interfaces to supercomputers, massive storage, and shared workflows. IU develops user-friendly gateways for navigation of systems and software. At IU, gateways include the Quarry Gateway Web Services Hosting where you can request a VM to host a science gatewary or web allocation, the IU Cyberinfrastructure Gateway which is the one stop shopping portal for all IU central cyberinfrastructure, and XSEDE Science Gateways which houses information on the NSF-funded XSEDE Science Gateway program.

  • Airavata - A software framework which is dominantly used to build Web-based science gateways and assist to compose, manage, execute and monitor large scale applications and workflows on distributed computing resources such as local clusters, supercomputers, national grids, academic and commercial clouds. Airavata mainly supports long running applications and workflows on distributed computational resources.
  • CIPRES Science Gateway - A public resource for inference of large phylogenetic trees. It is designed to provide all researchers with access to NSF XSEDE's large computational resources through a simple browser interface.
  • Contact the Science Gateways Group - Request information on creating a science gateway.
  • Earthcube scientific workflows working group - Elicits requirements for workflows in geosciences, ascertains the state of the art and current practices, identifies current gaps in both the use of and capabilities of current workflow systems in the earth sciences through use case studies, and identifies grand challenges for the next decade along with the possible paths to addressing those challenges.
  • Galaxy @ IU - An open source, web-based platform for data intensive biomedial research.
  • Galaxy @ NCGAS - An open source, web-based platform for data intensive biomedial research.
  • Galaxy @ Rockhopper - An open source, web-based platform for data intensive biomedial research which enables researchers to use Penguin on Demand, a pay-by-cycle service that will grant the use of a suite of bioinformatics software on the Rockhopper computer cluster.
  • Galaxy Main - An open source, web-based platform for data intensive biomedical research hosted by Penn State University and Emory University that includes hundreds of tools and a server with 250 GB of storage space per user.
  • Grid Operations Center - Provides operational infrastructure and support services to the Open Science Grid.
  • Indiana Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) - Facilitates the translation of scientific discoveries in the lab into clinical trials and new patient treatments in Indiana and beyond.
  • Indiana spatial data portal - Access to more than 30 terabytes of Indiana geospatial data.
  • IU Cyberinfrastructure gateway - The one stop shopping portal for all IU central cyberinfrastructure.
  • IUScholarworks - A service to make the work of IU scholars freely available, preserved, and organized. The back-end was originally built by UITS Research Technologies. The service is hosted by the IU Libraries. The back-end was built by UITS Research Technologies. It is now a service of the IU Libraries.
  • National Center for Genome Analysis Support - Provides data analysis support, consulting services, data storage, results archiving, and computational resources for biologists and genomic researchers.
  • Neuroscience gateway - Facilitates access and use of National Science Foundation (NSF) High Performance Computing (HPC) resources by neuroscientists.
  • One Degree Imager - portal, pipeline, and archive - Gateway to cosmic data for astronomers.
  • Open Science Grid - A global community of scientists, researchers, and experts in high throughput computing from across the world.
  • QuakeSim - A project to develop a solid Earth science framework for modeling and understanding earthquake and tectonic processes
  • SciGaP - A hosted service with a public API that science gateways can use to manage applications and workflows running on remote supercomputers, as well as other services. Gateway developers can thus concentrate their efforts on building their scientific communities and not worry about operations.
  • UltraScan gateway - A comprehensive data analysis software package for hydrodynamic data from analytical ultracentrifugation experiments. The software features an integrated data editing and analysis environment with a portable graphical user interface.
  • VM request - quarry gateway web services hosting - Request a virtual machine (VM) to host a science gateway or web service allocation.
  • XSEDE ECSS workflow community group - Receive expertise and assistance with scientific workflow software tools that make challenging workflow problems more efficiently executed, easier to manage, and easier to produce.
  • XSEDE Science Gateway Program - A community-developed set of tools, applications, and data that are integrated via a portal or a suite of applications that is further customized to meet the needs of a specific community.